Catalog January 2011

January 2011 Catalog
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The Art of Opium Antiques
Steven Martin
Photographs by Paul Lakatos

2007. 128 pp., 21x21 cm, 500 g,
THB 625
ISBN 978-974-9511-22-0

Buddhist Murals of Northeast Thailand
Reflections of the Isan Heartland
Bonnie Pacala Brereton and Somray Yencheuy
2010. 96 pp., 21.5x21.5 cm
THB 695
ISBN 978-616-90053-1-5
Mekong Press
Burmese Painting:
A Linear and Lateral History
Andrew Ranard
2009. 378pp., 21x28cm,
cloth and jacket, 1,700g,
THB 2,500
ISBN 978-974-9511-76-3

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Constructing Suvarnabhumi:
A Photographic Study During Construction
of the New Bangkok International Airport

Carl J. D'Silva
2006. 105pp., 25.5x25.5 cm, 600 g
THB 950
ISBN 978-974-93619-8-6

Dictionary of South and Southeast Asian Art
Gwyneth Chaturachinda, Sunanda Krishnamurty, Pauline W. Tabtiang
2004. 240 pp., 13x19.7 cm, 300 g
THB 450
ISBN 978-974-9575-61-1
Festivals of Laos
Text by Martin Stuart-Fox and Somsanouk Mixay
Photographs by Steve Northup

2010. 96pp., 25.5x25.5 cm, 500g
THB 795
ISBN 978-974-9511-84-8
The Living Mekong
Photography by Joe Garrison, text by Delia Paul
2009. 146 pp., 21x28 cm Hardcover. 700 g THB 850
ISBN 978-974-9511-67-1
Of Gods, Kings, and Men
The Reliefs of Angkor Wat
Photographs: Jaroslav Poncar
Text: Thomas S.Maxwell

2007. 192 pp., 16x28.5 cm, 1,000 g
THB 1,795
ISBN 978-974-9511-18-3

Thawan Duchanee:
Modern Buddhist Artist

Russell Marcus
2013. 168 pp., 14x21 cm, 300 g
THB 595
ISBN 978-616-215-056-2

Burmese Manuscript Binding Tapes:
Woven Miniatures of Buddhist Art
Ralph Isaacs
2014. 256 pp., 22.5 x 28 cm, 1,300 g
THB 1,850 / USD 100.00
ISBN 978-616-215-073-9